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 J O H N   P E N C E  follows his heart and hunger on a song-to-song basis. For many years, John led projects under the moniker, Infinite Ways, which was padding to be able to perform and write any style under the sun. After many life experiences such as regularly performing at the hospital to patients and families, John Pence now writes and performs in acoustic arrangements as himself again with a desire to grow from every song and continue to inspire and teach an endless journey of humility to the world.

"Heart & Hunger" (2020 working title) is an acoustic-driven, tape-hybrid record that captures a heartbreak, among personal struggles, that evolve song-to-song. The idea behind this record is that you can feel multiple ways about one thing all at once. One song may be bitter, the next could be thankful, and all the while, there is hope for the future and the lives we create for ourselves.

RIYL: Big Star, Death Cab For Cutie, Nick Drake, The Byrds, Ryan Adams, Owen, Link Wray, Elliott Smith

 T H E   G R A N D   T O T A L   is the moniker for John Pence's instrumental electro organic music. Heavily inspired by music from Adult Swim bumps and electronic artists from labels like Warp and Ghostly, this music similarly can evoke feelings of nostalgia for places you have never been before and also serves as a great basis for daydreaming, sleeping, or getting lost.

"Sugar" (2020) is a collection of singles being released one-by-one that recognizes the youthful, carefree nature of the first bite. Think of the first the memory you ever had and how beautiful, yet scary, it was to be anything at all. We did not choose to be born. Neither did this collection of songs.

RIYL: Boards of Canada, Tycho, Bibio, Casino Vs Japan, "Adult Swim Bumps"

 C I N E M A T H E Q U E  is the exotic surf rock brainchild of vinyl-junkie, Ben Hudson.  His first live efforts for this band were established around 2010 with a loud 4-piece surf rock band format (reverberated guitar, bass, organ, and drums).  Over time, the project gained a taste for horns and auxiliary percussion bringing the typical live performance to a more fulfilling 6-7 piece band.  The overall goal of this band is to record and occasionally perform original songs that resemble tones and songwriting of compositions from once under-appreciated genres such as exotica, surf rock, spaghetti westerns, and other cinematic music.

"Grand Cinema" (2020 working title) is an instrumental concept record in the works that captures cinematic tones that put you in a zone and has been a work in progress for the past decade.

RIYL: Dick Dale, The Ventures, Martin Denny, Les Baxter, Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra, Mulatu Astatke, Piero Umiliani


John Pence graduated Berklee College of Music in 2015 with a BA in Songwriting and has since found a good deal of music-related work while continuing to hone his artistic craft in hometown, Roanoke, Virginia.


Pence is about to sign another contract as "Artist-In-Residence" at Cariilion Clinic where he performs to patients and families at the bedside and to engage and promote positivity and peace in an often sterile, cold environment. Pence books artists and manages many facets at Roanoke's favorite music venue, The Spot On Kirk. Lastly, for weekly work, Pence has been working at Stage Sound Inc. in the Production Department primarily as Rental Manager and has been there for over 3 years.

In order to sustain from the musician life, Pence wears many hats. Freelance jobs include performing on his own and with various groups, recording, running sound, teaching guitar privately, lighting, photography, catering, catching screen print shirts, and various other stagehand work. Bottom line, John is a busy, aspiring music type. If you want to know more, check out the archive tab above.

Acts performed/recorded/toured with include:

John Pence (all production)

The Grand Total (all production)

Cinémathèque (keys, guitar)

Omegawolfe (bass)

Voles (drums)

Infinite Ways (guitar, vocals)

Los Chupacabras (keys, guitar)

Secret Stuff (bass)

Camp Counsellor (guitar, vocals)

Savannah Shoulders (guitar, vocals)

Havaii (guitar)

Allen Garrett & The Bureau (guitar, vocals)

Twelve O'Clock Knob (guitar, vocals)

Energy 2k (guitar)

Gabe Lubowe (guitar, vocals)

Jonathan Chapman Cook (guitar, synth)

Salty Greyhound (bass)

Chasing Daylight (drums)

Boxley (drums)

*Current groups in yellow / past projects in peach

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